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Florida Ironman 70.3

Florida Ironman :

My Mom checking Florida lake for alligators prior to Ironman event . Ha ha ha

Seiously prior to any event they have team who check the lakes for alligators , they use jet Ski to scare Alligators and also noise , drones as well before the swim event .

Here is the message I receive before my race day which was yesterday Sunday , April 14 , 2019 a day after my birthday which I became 52 years old .
Rachid,It's the evening of your first IRONMAN 70.3 and we'd like to wish you a restful sleep and successful race. You are probably feeling anxiety as the race approaches—this is completely normal, and even a good sign! Adrenaline can be a powerful tool to put in your racing arsenal, and nervousness means that you care.

Your mind will be active and your body charged with pre-race energy over these final few hours. When the doubts creep in, focus on what you know to be true: You've put in months of hard work. Your gear is prepared and or…