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United Muslim Foundation newsletter

United Muslim Foundation July 2012 / Ramadan 1433 Highlights Baby Steps to Happy Ramadan Annual PDO Iftar APA Chaand Raat Eid Awareness Beautiful Mind Workshop Ramadan Rush for Reward Science Fair UMF Arabic Program UMF Promotes Harmoney Behind the Veil Baby Steps to A Happy Ramadan   AMYL Council invites you to  to a gathering where the Angels will surround, and feel the tranquility in your heart hearing about the beauty of fasting. Intensive Course about preparing for Ramadan Date: July 28th. Cost: Free   Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm   Place: MAGO Cafeteria  11551 Ruby Lake Rd. Orlando, FL, 32836 Annual PDO Iftar Project Downtown  is inviting the entire community including inter-faith members to attend Iftar (dinner) on July 28th. 20 12  at 8:00 PM. Evening activities to include breaking of the fast, prayer, dinner, & a fundraiser for Project Downtown Orlando. *Questions, Comments, or to Sp