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Being thankful is part of faith by Sheich Yasser

Showing gratitude to Allah is part and parcel of having faith in Him. This means that a person who is ungrateful to Allah has no true faith in his or her heart. Gratefulness to Allah may be expressed by the heart, by the tongue, or through good deeds and gestures. True gratefulness by the heart is manifested through sincere belief that all the blessings we have—the known and the unknown—our very existence, our life, our body, our physical appearance, and all our abilities and accomplishments are from Allah. The Qur’an says,وَمَابِكُممِّننِّعْمَةٍفَمِنَاللَّهِ“Whatever blessing you have is from Allah” (al-Nahl, 16:53).
31:12وَلَقَدْآتَيْنَالُقْمَانَالْحِكْمَةَأَنِاشْكُرْلِلَّهِوَمَنيَشْكُرْفَإِنَّمَايَشْكُرُلِنَفْسِهِوَمَنكَفَرَفَإِنَّاللَّهَغَنِيٌّحَمِيدٌ"...and, indeed, we granted this wisdom unto Luq­man: “Be grateful unto God - for he who is grateful [unto Him] is but grateful for the good of his own self; whereas he who chooses to be ungrateful [ought to know that], verily, Go…