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Help Haiti

Be of help to humanity , life is a test , the more we give, the more we receive , please do your part , pick any reputable charitable organization that seeks to help humanity.

Islam4mankind did an interview with  a representative from helping hand who visited Haiti several times and share with our audience a perspective that we often don't hear

Please visit HHHRD webpage to learn more ,  Islam4mankind is a weekly radio program that seeks to unite , build bridges among all mankind,

HHRD was founded in 2005 upon the Islamic principle illustrated in the Gracious Quran:  "They feed with food--despite their own desire for it-- the indigent, and the orphan and the captive (saying): ‘We feed you purely for the sake of God. We desire no reward from you, nor thankfulness." - Surah al-Insan 8-9  Vision Statement Helping Hand for Relief And Development (HHRD) as a Leader in Empowering lives, creating opportunities and strengthening the bond of humanity. Mission Statement HHRD is co…