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Forgive, the power of forgiveness

The power of forgiveness Learn how to forgive if you want to be forgiven . What you give is what you receive .

Always leave footprints of love , kindness and mercy whenever you are . We are only guests on this temporary world , the real everlasting life is the hereafter if we only understand our purpose in life and why we are here ? 
There are many verses in the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on God’s love, mercy and forgiveness. In one of the prayers that the Prophet taught, he said: “O God, You are most Forgiving One, You love to forgive, so forgive me.” ( At-Trimidhi & Ibn Majah). We need God's mercy and forgiveness all the time. It is wrong to assume at any time that one will find eternal salvation without the forgiveness of God.God’s ForgivenessThere are many names of God given in the Quran. They are called “Most Beautiful Names” and they indicate many different and diverse attributes and qualities of God. Some of these names are related to …