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United Voices for America urgent messge

TELL FL SENATE COMMITTEE TO OPPOSE SB1360, THE ANTI-MUSLIM BILL URGENT APPEAL:  The Senate Sub committee on Criminal and Civil Justice will discuss and vote on SB1360 (the FL Senate version of the anti-Sharia Bill) this Tuesday (2/28/2012) morning.  Take 30 seconds to send them a quick message  urging them to OPPOSE this  unnecessary  law and discriminatory law.  If this committee does not recommend the bill, the anti-Sharia bill will not become law this year in Florida. ACT NOW, TELL SENATE COMMITTEE TO OPPOSE SB1360 TAKES LESS THAN 30 SECONDS BACKGROUND In Florida, two state lawmakers – Senator Alan Hays and Representative Larry Metz – have re-introduced sneaky legislation disguised as  “American Laws, American Courts” or SB1360 in the Florida Senate and HB1209 in the Florida House, that are really anti-Muslim bills. This menacing attack on religious freedom  allegedly  aims to keep 'foreign laws' from influencing court cases in the United States. However, the