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Arizona Copycat Bill , Please take action , get involved .

Arizona Copycat Bill will be up for a vote on Monday.

Call Senate Judiciary Committee Members Now!

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Sen. Anitere Flore’s bill, SB 2040, will be on the agenda for the
Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting TODAY.
The meeting will be taking place from 3:15-5:15 p.m.

SB 2040 pushes all counties in Florida to implement the controversial 287 (g) immigration program, which turns all local law enforcement into immigration agents. With these powers, local police can ask anyone for papers regardless of their status. Just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio does in Arizona. This bill also mandates e-verify for all businesses under the threat of license revocation.
This is a reprehensible exploitation of immigrants for political gain. It will inevitably lead to racial profiling and will make Florida become the "show me your papers" state.We can't let this happen in the sunshine state.There is limited time to act!