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Purpose of life

Islam4mankind weekly Radio every Thursday 
Tune in every Thursday from 1:07  to 2 pm  live radio show  Islam4mankind hosted by Radio La Primera 1220 am station

Islam4mankind  weekly one hour program  every Thursday will be as usual on English / Spanish / Arabic , you may call ask question on any of these respected  languages of your choice.
People of different faiths or no faith   are welcome to  call  407 343 6001 to participate live on the show , we ask our dear callers to be respectful to both the audience and all faiths , thanks.
To listen free via phone ( Radio Laprimira 1220 ) please call free of charge direct Phone Line : (701) 801-3826
You will hear a brief into in Spanish then you will be able to listen to the whole radio program from anywhere by dialing   (701) 801-3826 to listen only 
We ask our dear listeners if they wish to participate in the air to call 
407 343 6001
En Vivo :::La Primera 1220 AM, Siempre en el corazon del pueblo