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Islamic Center of Greater Orlando :

Classes of Knowledge for Adults
Every Sunday
at the Islamic Center of Orlando

Arabic Language Class
6:30am to 7:30am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Tajweed Class
7:30am to 8:10am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Bukhari Hadith Class
8:15am to 9:15am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Biography of Sahabah
9:15am to 9:30
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Tafseer of Quran
After Maghrib
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Quotes from
Quran and Hadith
"My Lord, increase me in knowledge."
- Surah 20:114

"Are the knowledgeable and the ignorant equal? In fact, none will take heed except the people of understanding"
- Surah 39:9

"Allah will raise to higher ranks those of you who have faith and knowledge. Allah is aware of all your actions"
- Surah 58:11

"Seeking knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim and Muslimah"

"Knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure out of which nothing is spent in the cause of God."