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Reflecting on the legacy of Muhammad Ali

Tune in this coming Thursday from 1:05 to 2 pm to your weekly radio program Islam4mankind that will be live from radio station Laprimira1220am Islam4mankind will honored and delighted to host our esteem : Imam Hatim Hamidullah  Imam of Masjid Al-Haqq  545 W Central Blvd  Downtown Orlando  Made Hajj to Mekka Member of the Orlando Interfaith Council  Convener of Florida Conference of Muslim Americans Islam4mankind  weekly one hour program  every Thursday will be as usual on English / Spanish  , you may call ask question on any of these respected  languages of your choice. People of different faiths or no faith   are welcome to  call   407 343 6001 to participate live on the show , we ask our dear callers to be respectful to both the audience and all faiths , thanks. To listen free via phone ( Radio Laprimira 1220 ) please call free of charge direct Phone Line : (701) 801-3826 You will hear a brief into in Spanish then you will be able to listen t

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of terror attack in Orlando!

For Immediate Release: Albir Islamic Associations community  and every single Islamic organization , mosques in America joins in the mourning of the victims of the mass shooting in downtown Orlando. We are shocked and dismayed that such a senseless and heinous act could hit so close to home. The victims and their families are in our prayers as well as our community at large, and we pray and hope for healing for all those wounded and affected by this horrific act. The Islamic Center of Irving and the Muslim community of the Dallas Fort Worth area would like to send our condolences to friends, families, and communities of the victims of the shooting in Orlando, FL.  Life is sacred in Islam and whoever takes a life it is as if they have taken the life of all of humanity.   We join the rest of America in anger and confusion at the absurdity of such an attack on our fellow Americans.  Nothing can justify such ruthless and senseless acts of violence and terrorism.  We pray that God protects