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Shaikh Abdullah Kamel at ISTABA MASJID today


TONIGHT TARAWEEH BY Shaikh Abdullah Kamel at ISTABA MASJID Saturday 7/26/14 صلاة التراويح الليلة مع الشيخ الشيخ عــــــــــبــــــــــد الــــــلــــــه كـــــــامـــــــل

بالمسجد الجامع صلاي السبت 26 يوليو
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Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Every nation has a right to defend itself, but I do not believe israel has the right to violate international law & humanitarian law, and I do not believe Israel has the right to kill innocent women and children. And unfortunately that is exactly what they are doing now. " by Hassan Shibley Executive Director of Cair Tampa.

 " My fellow taxpayers here is a video that your TV will never stream. See if you agree with what we paid