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Original sin or original forgiveness ?

Greetings of peace, This post is an answer to a new friend whom I recently met and respect , a devout Christian  passionate about sharing his religion with others , who challenged me to provide some proofs regarding why Muslims don't accept the doctrine of  original sin; a doctrine  including the concept of trinity  that  were   added by the Church under the influence of the Roman rulers  at the Council of Nicaea some 325 years after Jesus left the earth meaning saved by Allah from the plot of his enemies . Notice I say left the earth and not died, but that is a topic for another day. I will briefly touch on it . Muslims believe that Jesus may peace be upon him is the Messiah or Christ  born miraculously from a virgin Mary ( Please read a whole chapter of the Quran named after Mary in Arabic Meriam  Chapter 19 of the holly Quran , it gives an islamic perspective of Jesus  in minute  detail ) , Muslims also believe that Jesus was not crucify or killed as some claim :