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Christian Bible Confirms by Name the Prophethood of Muhammad (ﷺ) - The Deen Show

Published on Jun 26, 2013 Did you know that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is prophesied and also mentioned by name in the Christian and Jewish (first 5 Books of old testament) Bible?
The fact is that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Prophet Muhammad is indeed the final Messenger sent to humanity by the Creator.

If anyone sincerely studies his life and reads the Quran (which is a living Miracle) with the sincere intention of wanting to know the truth and is asking the Creator to guide them then they will come to know this fact.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) prophesied in the Bible is just some more icing on the cake! Now that you have learned the truth what will you do with it?

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Prophet Muhammad in the Bible by Islam4mankind