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How to respond to hate with love

‪If any nation wants to learn how to treat a minority in times of need, please use New Zealand & it’s Prime Minister as a case study. ‬
‪*50 Muslims got attacked & killed by an Australian born Terrorist while praying at a mosque* 
‪How did NZ, a tiny island of only 4 million people respond? ‬
‪- entire population mourned genuinely ‬
‪- Raised $9million‬ + for the families affected 
- All funeral costs to be undertaken by the Government of New Zealand 
- Any person caught spreading hate news, or the attack video to be jailed up to 14 years. 
- banned Guns within hours of the incident
- Huge number of people gathered all over the  country to lay flowers outside mosques and show their support within hours 
- Kiwi people including the New Zealand police & even gang members of the country are patrolling outside mosques while Muslims pray
- The Azaan to be played publicly on National TV , Radio and every Mosque around New Zealand at today’s Friday prayers 
- Government fast tracked visas to…