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Let us all challenge France racist ban on Muslim attire

Before we discus Hijab , let us watch this short video of Muslim Teen explainig the why ? On French beaches you have to show more skin," says a fully-clothed police officer, armed with pepper spray ,Unfortunately  French Police are ordering Muslim women to strip their clothes , instead of preventing crimes or keeping peace , police in France  are harassing muslim women. Notice that Muslim women  are  dressed modestly like the Mother of Jesus used to proudly dress with dignity and pride . Let us all be the voices of reason by speaking up peacefully .  Injustice anywhere is certainly injustice everywhere . What kind of freedom if Policeman start to decide what women  should wear ? Free to be naked  but not to cover , how hypocritical , what kind of double standard ? If a women in France is free to show her body , why she is not free to cover it freely with no harassment from French Police ?  Muslim Entrepreneur Pays Fines For Muslim Women Ticketed For Wearing