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Islamic architectures: Beautiful Mosques

To view pictures of Mosques from around the world please visit :

The following article is from the above webpage that illustrate some pictures or images of some beautiful mosques .

What is a mosque? The word mosque originates from the Arabic word masjid which means ‘place of prostration’. Prostration is the most visible expression of submission to the Creator of the Universe. The muslim prostrates 5 times a day – at dawn, midday, mid afternoon, sunset and finally when the light of day has completely disappeared from the sky. Anywhere on earth, which is not in some way polluted, can be a place of worship and prostration. Nevertheless clean and protected places have always been reserved by muslims at the centre of their cities since the beginning of Islam as places for the congregational prayer, these places are known as mosques. The mosque is at the heart of the muslim community and is not only a place of prayer. It is also a place for study and the transmis…