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Hajj ( Pilgrimage ) by Islamreligion

Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
Description: In this video Dr. Mohammed Salah introduces how the Kaaba was created by Ibrahim, peace be upon him, relating evidences from the Qur'an to us. He narrates the evidence where the Hajj was made obligatory, and then outlines some of the basic duties included within the rites of Hajj.
Main Speaker: Dr. Muhammed Salah
Length 10:47 - Published on 02 Jun 2014
Key Points of This Video Introduction  [start time 00:00] The Ancient House made by Ibrahim and Ismael  [start time 01:00] One only has to do Hajj once a lifetime  [start time 03:00] The largest gathering in the world  [start time 05:21] The outfit required for Hajj  [start time 05:35] The reward for performing Hajj  [start time 07:00] What you are not supposed to do in Hajj  [start time 08:16] A pilgrim is like a new born baby at the end of Hajj  [start time 09:19] Conclusion  [start time 10:24]