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Muslim & christian perspective

Dawud Walid : I apologize for things that I did to injure someone or that I've played a role in. I'm not apologizing for the actions of another person. I send condolences to families and friends of victims of the tragedies in Dallas and Nice, France, but I'm not apologizing for the act of one black shooter nor am I apologizing for what one Muslim did in Nice, France. I have nothing to do with those, and neither do you. White folks didn't apologize for Dylan Roof killing up black folks in the church nor did Christians apologize for Christian militias in Central African Republic last year who cleansed Muslims, burned down almost every mosque in the country and was telling Muslims to convert or die. I'm not going to behave like I am a second class citizen of America or the world where certain people have a standard of innocence before guilt, but my people and I must prove their innocence.  Don't feed into the collective guilt cycle by feeling like you have to tak…