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Islam4mankind Interview with an 8 year old future leader Abdelhamid

Interview with an 8 year old future leader  Abdelhamid

Who is Sulaiman?

Sulaiman was a noble prophet of Allah.

What do you know about Sulaiman Alaihi Salaam?

He was a mighty prophet of Allah and a very powerful king that had a great kingdom.

What was so special about his kingdom?

He had a huge army, that had men, Jinn, Birds and animals in it.  And what`s so cool about it is that he was able to speak to all these creatures.

You mean that Sulaiman could speak to animals ?

Yes Sulaiman Alaihi Salaam, was able to speak the language of all the animals , he was even able to control the wind by the power of Allah.

So do you like prophet Sulaiman?

As a muslim kid I love and admire all the prophets of Allah, and Sulaiman was a very cool prophet , he had amazing powers given to him by Allah , just like his father Dawud Alaihi Salam, he was an other one of my heroes.

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