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Islam , a religion of love not hate

In response to Donald Trump repaeated hateful and bigoted messages about Islam , we would love to shed some light about Islam .

"Islam does not hate Americans, Mr Trump" by 
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick   

Islam is a way of life based on Divine revelation from Almighty God (Allah). Its like saying the Sun hates you when you get a sunburn and your skin turns red!
And beside that, the first country to recognize the independence of the USA was Morocco in 1777! This is a Muslim, Arab-African nation!!!
Come into the interior of one of the mosques built by Muslims hundreds of years before America existed and wake up to the reality of the world!!!
 Islam4mankind welcome you to check for yourself and question the facts prior to making any decision based on sensational propaganda media that seeks to divide us rather than unite us .

Moroccan Recognition of the United States, 1786.
Morocco which is A muslim country recognized the United States on June 23, 1786, when a treaty of peace and friend…

Sickness could be a blessing:How to Behave When Struck by Illness

While seeking treatment or cure in this physical world it is important to also seek a cure through spiritual remedies.  The first thing to do is to think positively about God ( Allah ) the creator , confirm your belief in Him, and contemplate His names and attributes.  He is the Most Merciful, the Most Loving, and the Most Wise.  We are advised to call on Him by the names that are most appropriate to our needs. Never despair of the mercy of Allah.

Sickness or being sick could be a blessing , an expiation of sins 
Today Kutbah was a message to all who suffer any types of sickness, we ask Allah to cure us all. When illness strikes, the best course of action is to thank God, try to be closer to Him and to seek medical aid and count the blessings that He has bestowed upon us.
Patience is a virtue 
The Quran makes it quite clear that children and wealth are an adornment of this life and that we will be tested through our love for them.  (Quran 18:46).  In the stories of the prophets, we see tha…