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Black history month. The five necessities for human life-Maqasid sharia

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Islam4mankind will be  honored to host our beloved Imam Johari , a well know Imam he will be talking about Black history month.  The five necessities for human life-Maqasid sharia

Imam Abdul Malik serves as the director of Community Outreach for the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center. He was the first Muslim Chaplain installed at Howard University. The Imam is the former chair of Government Relations for the Muslim Alliance in North America [MANA founded by Imam Siraj Wahhaj] and is the founding President of the Muslim Society of Washington, DC Inc.

Known nationally for his fundraising efforts for masjids, schools and relief organizations, Imam Johari is a founding member of the Muslim Advocacy Commission of Washington, D.C. and “Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence” [MMADV] and has edited a book on “What Islam Says About Domestic Violence”.

In his native Brooklyn community his …