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Islamic Center of Greater Orlando :

A Guest Young scholar from Toronto, Shaikh Nooruddin, will deliver a speech after Maghrib Salah at Jama Masjid today, (Saturday).

Kindly Attend

Classes for Adults on Sundays
Kindy Attend

Classes of Knowledge for Adults
Every Sunday
at the Islamic Center of Orlando

Arabic Language Class
6:30am to 7:30am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Tajweed Class
7:30am to 8:10am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Bukhari Hadith Class
8:15am to 9:15am
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Biography of Sahabah
9:15am to 9:30
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed

Tafseer of Quran
After Maghrib
Teacher: Imam Tariq Rasheed      

Quotes from
Quran and Hadith
"My Lord, increase me in knowledge."
- Surah 20:114

"Are the knowledgeable and the ignorant equal? In fact, none will take heed except the people of understanding"
- Surah 39:9

"Allah will raise to higher ranks those of you who have faith and knowledge. Allah is aware of all your actions"
- Surah 58:11

"Seeking knowledge is compulsory upon ev…