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Islamic charity aids needy by TAmpa Bay ( )


 As many as 3,000 people strolled through Riverfront Park off North Boulevard Sunday, collecting clothing, shoes, food and getting medical checkups, all for free.

The Islamic Charity Festival, which marked its 15th year, has grown every year, said chairman and event co-founder Husain Nagamia.

 Indigent and homeless people stood in what became long lines by noon, waiting to get shoes or second-hand clothes. Bottled water was handed out under the bright Florida sun, and the aroma of barbecue teased everyone downwind of the smoker.

Children slid down an inflatable slide and bounded in a bounce house. Many had signed up for a drawing in which 125 brand new bicycles were to be given away.

 Among the important offerings was medical care, Nagamia said. People who otherwise couldn't afford a visit to the doctor received blood-pressure tests and diabetes screening.

 The event is sponsored by the Tampa Bay Muslim Alliance, and everything is being donated by the local Islamic commun…


An open letter to Jehovah Witness :

A letter to Jehovah Witness by Rachidm: Dear Jehovah’s Witnesses:

I would like to share with you some biblical research based upon my discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses friends.
My wife used to be a Jehovah Witness. When we got married, I, as a  Muslim told her ; "you have the right to practice your religion". I even offered to give her a ride if needed to the Kingdom hall ( Jehovah Witness place of worship ) .
 With an open mind, I supported her and told her I would never mind her practicing and preaching her religion. During our first couple years  of blessed and happy marriage together, I was privileged to engage with my parents in law (upon their request) in a comparative study between Islam and their beliefs. Although they were discouraged from dialogue since they believe their way is the only correct way, I always enjoyed a good open discussion about religion in general.
My Mom in law offered me a copy of the New World Translation  (a version of the bible exclus…