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Beware of media propaganda:

Ahmed Rehab , a Muslim civil rights activist reports : 
1. Newt Gingrich

wasted no time on FOX yesterday asking that "we should test EVERY person of a MUSLIM background." Take very good note on who terrorism really benefits. Note who are the first to exploit our deepest tragedies and waste no time promoting their radical blanket agenda, while the rest of us are busy grieving. Note that he is not actually concerned with terrorism like the rest of us, note that he did not say "terrorists" or "suspected terrorists" or "radicals" but "EVERY MUSLIM." Note that THIS is what it is about for them. Note that My biggest argument against the use of "radical Islam" has been the ease by which the bait-and-switch happens and all of a sudden the "radical" is dropped and it is "Islam" and "every Muslim." People like Newt and Trump and FOX cry crocodile tears after every terrorist attack, because they see these…