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Prophet Noah ( please tune in today to Radio station 1220 am from 1:10 to 2 pm

Mankind had been one community believing in the Oneness of God, but confusion and deviation had crept in. 

Noah was a calm, patient man who called his people to return to the worship of the One True God.

 He was an exceptional speaker, enjoining those around him to leave the worship of idols, and to hear his warning of a terrible punishment for those who venerated idols and statues.

“And indeed We sent Noah to his people and he said O my people!  Worship God!  You have no other god but Him.

” (Quran 23:23) Noah narrated stories about the mysteries of life and the wonders of the universe.  He described how the day, which gives sunlight and activity, followed the night that gives coolness and rest.
 He spoke of God, the Divine Creator Who owned heaven and earth, and he pointed out the wideness and beauty of the earth.
 Noah explained that the creation of the world was for the well being of mankind; but that man also had an obligation to understand this and direct his worship to God, no…