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Traials and tribulations

Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) asked us to recite Surah Al-Kahf every Friday? This surah has four stories in it, let’s explore what lessons can be learned from them: 1. The people of the cave It’s the story of young men who lived in a disbelieving town, so they decided to migrate for the sake of Allah and run away. Allah rewards them with mercy in the cave and protection from the sun – they woke up and found the entire village believers. Lesson: Trial of faith 2. The owner of two gardens
A story of a man whom Allah blessed with two beautiful gardens, but the man forgot to thank the one who blessed him with everything and he even dared to doubt Allah regarding the afterlife. So his garden was destroyed – he regretted, but was too late and his regret did not benefit him. Lesson: Trial of wealth 3. Musa (‘alayhissalam) and Khidr (‘alayhissalam) When Musa (‘alayhissalam) was asked “who’s the most knowledgeable of the people of Earth?” Musa (‘alayhissalam)) said that it was him as he assum…