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Why Islam ?

With each day that passes, you are closer to entering our graves. Today you sleep in your bed, one day you will sleep in your grave. What comes after death? Call 877-Whyislam for answers. You deserve to know!

Pray for humanity

Pray for the safety , relief of all that will be affected by recent Hurricane . Never underestimate the power of prayer

supplications) to say in a hurricaneاللّهُـمَّإِنَّـيأَسْـأَلُـكَخَيْـرَها،وَخَيْـرَمافيهـا،وَخَيْـرَمااُرْسِلَـتْبِه،وَأَعـوذُبِكَمِنْشَـرِّها،وَشَـرِّمافيهـا،وَشَـرِّمااُرْسِلَـتْبِه.Allahumma innee as-aluka khayraha wakhayra ma feeha, wakhayra ma orsilat bih, wa-aAAoothu bika min sharriha, washarri ma feeha washarri ma orsilat bih“O Allah, I ask You for its (the wind’s) goodness, the good within it, and the good it was sent with, and I take refuge with You from its evil, the evil within it, and from the evil it was sent with.”اللَّهُمَّلاتَقْتُلْنَابِغَضَبِكَ،وَلاتُهْلِكْنَابِعَذَابِكَ،وَعَافِنَاقَبْلَذَلِكَ

Our prayers goes to the people of Mexico following the recent earthquake, many buildings are damaged after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook central Mexico. Over 200 people are dead.
Let us all pray for anyone on the path of recent hurricanes , let us not forget R…