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Please pray for Imam Sykes . He is in a hospital

Human beings are fragile, weak, and prone to illness. We all get sick at one time or another, some more seriously than others. Although modern medicine has come a long way in preventing and curing illness, many people find comfort in prayer as well.
Muslims see illness not as a punishment from Allah, but rather as a test and a purification of sins. Will you keep your faith strong despite your poor health? Will you see your illness as a cause of despair, or as an opportunity to turn to Allah for mercy and healing? Muslims may say personal prayers) in any language, but these from Islamic tradition are most common. Du'a From the QuranTruly distress has seized me, but You are Most Merciful of those that are merciful.
Prayer of Prophet Ayyub (Jacob) - Quran 21:83-84
Du'a From the Sunnah Whenever the early Muslims became sick, they sought the advice of the Prophet Muhammad himself. It is related that when someone fell ill, the Prophet would recite one of these du'as for them.