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The benefit of repentence

Salam , please tune in tomorrow Thursday from 1:05 to 2 pm to your weekly Radio/TV program , tomorrow inchaallah as usual the show will be in Arabic, English & Spanish , we invited brother Said  from Agadir to translate into Berber as well , don't miss the show

Tawbah pleases Allah Let’s remind ourselves that turning to Allah in repentance greatly pleases Him because it is one of the most beloved acts of worship to Him. By joining the rank of those who repent, we also earn Allah’s love. Allah says in the Quran: “…Truly, Allah loves those who turn unto Him in repentance and loves those who purify themselves” Quran (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 222

Repentence from Rachid Mahdi

To see the Islamic response to so called original sin , please visit:

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