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Let the truth be told about Israeli–Palestinian conflict : War on Gaza , genocide , war crimes or self-defense ?

Just today I was suprised to hear shocking statements from coworkers who believe "Palestinians are at fault and that Israel is only defending themselves against the muslims who hate them .

What a deception created by western corporate media, manipulated by Zionism!

Let the truth be told loud and clear for the record.  Knowledge is power; everyone deserves to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Enough of the propaganda! The world is watching and history is recoding all the lies being told by major media outlets.

Now, let us open our minds, leave our prejudices aside and think analytically. In order to find peace, we need to seek the  whole story :

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Every nation has a right to defend itself, but I do not believe israel has the right to violate international law & humanitarian law, and I do not believe Israel has the right to kill innocent women and children. And unfortunately that is exactly what they are doing now. " by Hassan Shibley Execu…

Peace is still possible in the middle east : be part of the solution , not part of the problem.

The life of a heart: Muslims and Jews saving lives together
by Mehnaz M. Afridi 14 February 2012

New York, New York - As I listen to sound bites of news, a swarm of words sting me: Iran, Israel, nuclear, Palestine-Israel at a standstill, Muslims kill Jews, and Jews kill Muslims. As a Muslim woman who teaches classes about the Holocaust at a Catholic college, I am constantly frustrated by the media coverage of the Middle East which overwhelmingly serves to highlight and 
entrench national and religious tensions, prejudice and conflict.

A recently-aired documentary by filmmaker Karen Ghitis, on Al Jazeera, was an extremely heartening exception to the rule. The film, Jerusalem SOS, showed Jews and Muslims saving each other’s lives.

The documentary, which aired last month, portrayed Arabs wearing orange vests printed with the red Star of David teamed up with haredi (or ultra-Orthodox) Jews with side curls, black skullcaps and tzitziot (knotted ritual fringes on their garments). And both group…