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Islam tollerance toward other belief.

The Quran says: God forbids you not, with regards to those who fight you not for your faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them, for God loveth those who are just. ( Quran , 60:80) It is part of Islamic law to protect the privileged status of non Muslim minorities, this is why non-Muslim places of worship have flourished all over the Muslim World. Islamic law also permits non-Muslim minorities to set up their own courts governed by the minorities themselves. Islam if understood and practiced properly it will certainly lead to a maintenance of peace and security, and a genuine contribution to human understanding on the international level. Due respect for other faiths , for other people's interests and rights to life, honor and property, as long as they do not transgress upon the rights of Muslims. This is because transgression and wrong of all kinds are strictly forbidden by the Islamic Holly book ( Qu'ran , 2:190-3; 42:13 ). W