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Free Health Fair on June 5, 2010 from 9am to 2pm

Please join us on June 5, 2010, from 9am to 2pm at the Islamic Center Of Greater Orlando ,( Mago ) located at 115443 Ruby Lake Rd Orlando Fl 32836 for a free healthcare. On June 5th, 2010, there will be health fairs and educational events across USA with you coordinating this day for APPNA in your area of residence or practice by encouraging physician colleagues to open doors to their clinics for charitable purposes. Such activity may also be undertaken at a local mosque, church, temple or in collaboration with a local hospital, school or city council. We are making an appeal to all Muslims Doctors to participate to benefit Muslims and non Muslims alike. Concerned about your health or in need of a check up ? Pakistani Physician ( APPNA ) and Local Muslim Doctors will be offering their services for free ( Saturday, June 5, 2010,from 9am to 2pm ) to anyone that show up irrespective of race, color, creed, or gender. Please come and benefit from this event. The Council on Americ