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Does ISIS Have Any Religious Legitimacy?

In the wake of the recent attacks carried out by "ISIS" in France

, and many other countries  , we would like to expose some of the dangerous idealogies propagated by this criminal and Inhumane organization. And to be clear, "ISIS" actions are deplorable to muslims and have no basis in Islam. "ISIS"  is criminal organization, not a religious one.
Muslims universally condemn the fanatics who are wreaking havoc around the world. Look closely at them: they are hashish smokers, criminals, womanizers, alcoholics, etc.). They will never represent Islam and will be eventually weeded out.   But when Right wing fanatics on the other side beat up Muslim women, burn Masjids, paint racist signs and try to cowardly terrorize our communities, they will wake up a sleeping giant.     Let level headed, good people of all religions and ideologies unite to bring about peace and tolerance in this chaotic world.      Let any Fanatic reading this page realize that the Masjid …