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The story of David from an Islamic perspective

Greeting of peace ( Salam ) : I was inspired to search about prophet David after I heard that my 7 year old second cousin  Adelisse ( picture below was taken when she was about 3 year old ) was reading bibles stories about prophets , she said that prophet  David was bad according to what she read in the bible sent to her by my  mother in law who is a Jehovah Witness . In defending the truth , I taught this article will shed light about the subject once for all .  There are many misconceptions about prophets of God from unreliable sources that aims at distorting the message , the character of the best models for humanity , Allah (= one  God ) selected  prophets, they are indeed the best of creation  to lead  humanity to the truth.  it is absurd to even think that some of them commit adultery or any major sins , clearly I suggest getting a copy of the Quran and reading the stories of the prophets or reading one of my favorite book called Stories of the prophets by I

Americanconverts2islam invitation to the monthly potluck event

Reminder from: AmericanConverts2Islam Yahoo! Group Title: Monthly Potluck Date: Saturday April 28, 2012 Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Repeats: This event repeats every month on the last Saturday. Location: Clubhouse in MetroWest Notes: 5584 Metrowest Blvd, Orlando 32811 We will eat at 6:30 and pray Maghrib at 8:30 __._,_.___ Invitational Group only, for students of Imam Sykes Class __,_._,___

Hijab , the struggle to wear it and the pride in wearing it

"There's always light at the end of the tunnel," Khan said. HOLLYWOOD – Cheering up their Muslim teammate, a Floridian high school football team decided to don hijab before their season finale game to show solidarity with their Muslim captain who has been taunted repeatedly over her religious outfit. “Everybody looked at us weird,” West Broward senior Marilyn Solorzano told Sun Sentinel website on Friday, April 20. “I understand now everything she went through and how hard it must have been. “We just wore it for one day, and we noticed the difference. It was hard to keep on. It kept falling and our heads got really hot. You have to give her [credit] for wearing it every day.” Donning hijab in middle school, Irum Khan, 17-year-old captain of West Broward High flag football team, endured far more than the usual pre-teenage taunting. Early during her first years of high school, some classmates called her a terrorist and cursed at her. She had rocks thrown at

Islam in Norway