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When God saved Jesus by Yusha Evans

The son of Mary – prophet – and the Messiah (pbuh) was saved by The One God-The Creator of the heavens and the earth, The Most Merciful as Moses (pbuh) was saved from Pharao, and Noah(pbuh), Abraham (pbuh)...

‘We (once) sent Noah(as messenger) to his people, and he tarried among them a thousand years less fifty: but the Deluge overwhelmed them while they (persisted in) sin. But We saved him and the Companions of the Ark, and We made the (Ark) a Sign for all Peoples! And (We also saved) Abraham: behold, he said to his people "Serve God(The Creator) and fear Him: that will be best for you― if ye understand!

'So naught was the answer of (Abraham's) people except that they said: "Kill him or burn him." But God(The Creator) did save him from the Fire: verily in this are Signs for people who believe.'

_Qur’an 29:14-15

‘That they said (in boast), "We killed the Messiah Esa/Eshoa (Christ Jesus) the son of Mary, the Messenger of God(The Creator)";- but they k…