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Terrible events unfolding the world over. It was Ankara. Now Brussels

Imam Zaid Shakir " Not in Our Names: Islam’s Total Rejection of Suicidal Terrorism
The recent atrocious, barbaric, condemnable, despicable attacks in Brussels should move every Muslim to swift, unqualified condemnation. Why? Because as Muslims we are taught that murder is wrong. We are taught that suicide is wrong. We are taught that retaliating against unsuspecting innocent people for real or perceived injustices is wrong. We are taught that violating the sanctity of public space is wrong. These things are all unconditionally wrong, and I unequivocally condemn them. 
Attributing these crimes to Islam is also wrong. Dead wrong. Our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) informed us, “No one of you murders at the time that he kills and remains a believer. Therefore, beware, beware (Ibn Hibban, 5979)!” To clarify, the murderer is engaging in an act that true faith would have prevented, hence, his engaging in such a reprehensible act is a sign that he does not truly believe. O…