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Pray and assist Houston

Be of help to humanity if you live in Houston , this is how you can help : Action Items For Houston volunteers relief efforts: If you have a boat closer to Houston, the Houston Police would like you to come and help. Their phone number is 713-881-3100 . If the phone is busy tweet @HoustonPolice Monitor your twitter with search word “Houston”. There are Houston people asking for specific help since in some places even 911 is not working. Get your masjid to use their communication network for the following: Share this newsletter Ask people to make dua ( prayers )  Ask them to donate to the charity they trust: Please everyone this is time of coming together as human beings regardless of political affiliation ... it's time for prayers and putting all our energy in helping each others, uplifting speaking positive and bring the best potential of humanity.  Thank  you to all emergency personnel, law enforcement, volunteers and everyone that seeks to help our broth