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Men and Women are created equal

South Carolina State Senator Thomas Corbin insults a female colleague, claiming women are “a lesser cut of meat” because the Bible teaches Eve was created from Adam’s rib.
In response, Islam4mankind requests religious leaders and all men of all faiths to speak up against this corrupt, ignorant belief where some falsely think that men are better than women. In fact, man was created in the womb of women - he should ponder on this and be thankful to the creator. 
Islam4mankind encourages all religious leaders to address this issue of superiority complex amongst men. Islam honored women in society by elevating them and protecting them with unprecedented rights. Islam gave women the right to education, to marry someone of their choice, to retain their identity after marriage, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection by the law, to vote, and to participate in civic and political engagement.
Islam further confirms that both men and women are equal in the sight of Go…