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Prophet David ( Dawud ) by Islam4mankind weekly radio program

The story of David from an Islamic perspective Greeting of peace ( Salam ) : I was inspired to search about prophet David after I heard that my 7 year old second cousin  Adalisse who is christian was reading bibles stories about prophets , she said that prophet  David was bad according to what she read in the bible. In defending the truth , I taught this article will shed light about the subject once for all .  There are many misconceptions about prophets of God from unreliable sources that aims at distorting the message , the character of the best models for humanity , God selected  prophets ( they are indeed the best of creation  to lead  humanity to the truth.  it is absurd to even think that some of them committed adultery or any major sins , clearly I suggest getting a copy of the Quran and reading the stories of the prophets or reading one of my favorite book called Stories of the prophets by Ibn Kathir  ( ISBN ;9960-892-26-3 published by Darussalam )