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What is Sharia , join the conversation today from 1:10 to 2 pm at radio statio 1220am ( Lamagica1220

Today  Thursday, March 8, 2012,  from 1:10 to 2 pm  pm , live radio show 1220 am ( Islamformankind )

The radio show will be on English / Spanish / Arabic , you may call ask question on any of these languages .

Today topic :  What is Shariah ?

People of different faiths or no faith   are welcome to  call  407 343 6001 to participate live on the show , we ask our dear callers to be respectful to both the audience and all faiths , thanks.

En Vivo :::La Magica 1220 AM, Siempre en el corazon del pueblo, Emisora Cristiana por Internet, Pred
Radio Emisora On line La Magica 1220 AM originada desde Kissimmee - Orlando en La Florida, USA. La emisora que Siempre esta en el Corazón del Pueblo. Bienvenidos.La Magica 1220 AM. En Vivo.

Muslim Capital day Tallahassee to oppose SB1360 ( Anti-Islam hate law )

Empowering youth on how to respect and dialogue with law enforcement

Concern American Muslim leaders waiting to voice their opposition to SB1360

Defend US constitution , defend religious freedom