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Predestination , divine decree, free will in Islam

Allah  knows what the creatures will do, encompassing everything by His knowledge.  He knows all that exists, in entirety and totality, by virtue of His eternal foreknowledge. "Truly, nothing is hidden from God, in the earth or in the heavens." (Quran 3:5)

Inchaallah soon Islam4mankind will upload the arabic text and the whole video once uploaded , please stay tune , please forgive our delay in posting last Thursday podcast show due to different projects that Islam4mankind is working on to promote coexistence among all mankind regardless of faiths or origins , we welcome comments and suggestions , may Allah reward you ameen

AlhamduAllah ( Thanks to Allah ) , here is part 1 of the Arabic lecture :

عقيدة الإيمان بالقضاء والقدر from Rachid Mahdi