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Running is good for your health

Looking to reduce stress, clear your head and solve some problems? Go for a run.Any regular runner will almost certainly have noticed that the benefits of the sport extend beyond physical fitness. The runner’s high is a well-established phenomenon, and many runners have found regular sessions improve their mental state alongside the improvements to their heart and lung health.But to go beyond the anecdotal, we spoke to neuroscientist Ben Martynoga, who has been working with running brand Saucony, about how running benefits the brain. We defy anyone to read the following without getting the urge to pound some pavements ASAP.1. Running Can Reduce Stress“There’s pretty good evidence now that it can help dissipate stress,” says Martynoga. “The research mainly comes out of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and researchers there have focused on a chemical called kynurenine which has been associated with psychological stress. Stress causes it to build up in the brain where it has a negative…