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Peace and Love is the answer to Worlds problems.

The more you give, the more you receive. If you plant a seed of love ( as prescribed in the 10 commandments, as revealed in the Muslim holy book the Quran ) and also as it s written in your DNA as "" Rachid m thinks it is, you will certainly find peace withing yourself, peace all over the entire Universe.

Life is certainly a beautiful thing, anyone trying to tell you otherwise, he is certainly an ambassador of the Devil himself may God save us from him .
Just look around you how perfect is the sky, how much diversity withing Allah creations , people of all colors and races ( which by the way is absolutely something to appreciate and benefit from ).

war is a failure of civilization, there is certainly no such a thing as clash of civilization .No more of this Monkey Business if you only know what I mean . May Allah bless America and the entire universe, may Allah forgive us all for all what went wrong, may Allah reconcile and unite the hearths of every one willing to make a chan…