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When is Ramadan ?

The start Date and finish of every Ramadan is to be confirmed when the new moon is actually sighted since it follows the Islamic lunar calendar , since there was  no confirmed  report yet of moon sighting from any where in the world. Taking into consideration today is the 30th of Chaaban( the month that comes before ramadan is called Chaaban ),  therefore, the first of Ramadan will  start tomorrow Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 and will continue for one month.

Tonight taraweeh prayer will start  inchaallah ( God-willing ) after  Ishaa prayer . Tomorrow inchaallah   we will be fasting Allah willing from dawn to sunset .

what a great opportunity to get closer to your creator ,to be of service to humanity since by experiencing thirst and hunger , a fasting person become more giving and more compassionate towards the less fortunate ones. May Allah make this month of fasting full of blessing and peace for all humanity Ameen.

 The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received the first revelation of Al-Qur…