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Patience of Prophet Job

Virtue of patience: lessons from patience of Prophet Job 

 When someone exhibits patience & perseverance with contentement   through all kinds of trials, tribulations , calamities, or provocations, we say that person has “the patience of Job.”
Please tune in tomorrow from 1:07 to 2 pm to Islam4mankind weekly radio . We will be discussing patience and its virtue , a much needed quality to cope with all sort of difficulties  and challenges of life .
We would love participation from different religious perspectives , we encourage our audience  please give us a call tomorrow during  live broadcast to talk about patience. 
You may call  radio Laprimira 1220am station  ( 407 343 6001) tomorrow Thursday from 1:07 to 2 pm to participate into Islam4mankind weekly radio hosted by Laprimira
Why me? Why is this happening to me? What did I do? Why do believers have to suffer while those who’re less religious have everything they want? What’s the point? Where is the wisdom? Where is the mercy?”
So m…