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Reclaimation of Independence By Rachidm

Open your mind

Open your horizons

Challenge false media

Be a fact finder, truth seeker

You owe it to yourself to find the truth

Enough is enough , enough lies, enough propaganda

Enough evil talk about clash of civilizations

Its time for a real dialogue

Let the conversation begin

Its time to explore new horizons

Its time to build bridges, to coexist and be a peace maker.

The media false portrayal of Islam reach a dead end

Have you wonder why Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet despite all the lies ?

Why is it the only thing that interest the media is conflict

Open your hearth, your mind. We all need to coexist despite our differences

We all need to invest in future generations

Education is where we start.


Islam and the people of the Book

Islam And The People Of The Book

by Harun Yahya

Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerance. Today, however, some circles have been presenting a false image of Islam, as if there were conflict between Islam and the adherents of the two other monotheistic religions. Yet Islam's view of Jews and Christians, who are named "the People of the Book" in the Koran, is very friendly and tolerant.

This attitude towards the People of the Book developed during the years of the birth of Islam. At that time, Muslims were a minority, struggling to protect their faith and suffering oppression and torture from the pagans of the city of Mecca. Due to this persecution, some Muslims decided to flee Mecca and shelter in a safe country with a just ruler. The Prophet Muhammad told them to take refuge with King Negus, the Christian king of Ethiopia. The Muslims who followed this advice found a very fair administration that embraced them with love and respect when they went to Ethiopia. King N…