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A Muslim response to Bill Clinton remarks

" We appreciate Bill Clinton affirming that Muslims oppose terrorism. We do. We do. Thank you. But I do dream of a day when Muslims are mentioned outside of the context of terrorism and in the contexts that we live in daily. For example in a discussion about health care. Muslims are 1% of the US population and 10% of its doctors. That is a 1000% overrepresentation. If one had to "stereotype" Muslims based on lop-sided data, it would be that "Muslims are doctors."  By Ahmed Rehab Muslim activist Bill Clinton's attempts to appeal to Muslims living in America, and counter what some consider xenophobic rhetoric toward them from GOP candidate Donald Trump, appears to have backfired. Let us found out why ? Yes, Bill Clinton,we are Muslims who love America and freedom. But why is 'terror' part of this conversation? Let us first watch this video then let the conversation begin    : Islam4mankind invites our respected audience to look bey