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Story of prophet Yussef

One of the most beautiful stories told in the Holy Qur’an is the story of Prophet Yusuf. It probably is most people’s favorite story from the Qur’an. The purpose of stories in the Qur’an is not only for the story to be told and retold. There are many important lessons to be drawn from the story that actually apply to our lives today, help us overcome difficult ordeals, boost our morale, and direct us how to behave in a myriad of situations. The story of Prophet Yusuf in the Qur’an is rich in symbolism and in lessons that I can use in my life. The first lesson to draw from the story of Yusuf with his brothers is that jealousy is a dangerous emotion and it is real. No doubt, Prophet Yaqub was an ideal parent and he never showed favoritism to Yusuf over his other sons. However, Yusuf and Bin Yameen were still very young and their tender age required more attention and care from their father than the older children. Due to the attention Yaqub gave to his youngest children, the older sons