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Sugarloaf Mountain Clermont Bike Ride on Thanksgiving Day

Sugarloaf mountain is the toughest bike ride in Florida , we did only 32 mile on sugarloaf , it was more challenging than 58 mile on vanfleet trail .

Sugarloaf Mountain in Clermont was a real challenge!
If you want to practice biking for an upcoming Ironman - the highest elevation in Central Fla. is here. Start on 561 (not 561a) and Sugarloaf Mountain Road. Make sure to have plenty of water, proper nutrition, good,motivating company and a spare tire. 
At 312 feet, Sugarloaf is the highest point on the Florida peninsula. Located on the western shore of Lake Apopka,  Sugarloaf affords the vantage point of incredible views of the lake and surrounding valley.

Start (or end) in Apopka, FL which is a few miles northwest of Orlando. From there head northwest on US 441 and look for when it meets County Road (CR) 448 and take a left (head west) on CR 448. Take 448 until it runs into CR 561 and take a left (head south) all the way till it intersects with CR 455 at Howey Height. Take a left (head ea…
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Creation versus evolution

"Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Those who remember Allâh (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): "Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You! (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners). Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire". [Qur'an 3:190-191]

The signs of Allah are only revealed to those who have intellect which leads to knowing the truth [Allah]. However, the disbelievers do not put what they see in the universe beyond the realm of watching—i.e. they do not think about the Maker and the Creator. They even do not realize the wisdom behind this creation as in the words of Allah: "They know only the outside appearance of the life of the world". [Qur'an 30:7]

Ironman 70.3 Marakesh Morocco

“ Sunday, 10/27, First edition of Iron Man 70.3 in Morocco, first in Africa. 1.2 mile swim in 68 degrees Lake Lalla Takerkoust, 56 mile bike route with 3,600 ft elevation gain through Tahanout village, followed by 13.1 mile run through Marrakech in 90 degree heat. All these numbers add up 1 proud wife who is always inspired to stay positive and dedicated by her Iron Man, Rachid. Machaallah Congratulations

Running is good for your health

Looking to reduce stress, clear your head and solve some problems? Go for a run.Any regular runner will almost certainly have noticed that the benefits of the sport extend beyond physical fitness. The runner’s high is a well-established phenomenon, and many runners have found regular sessions improve their mental state alongside the improvements to their heart and lung health.But to go beyond the anecdotal, we spoke to neuroscientist Ben Martynoga, who has been working with running brand Saucony, about how running benefits the brain. We defy anyone to read the following without getting the urge to pound some pavements ASAP.1. Running Can Reduce Stress“There’s pretty good evidence now that it can help dissipate stress,” says Martynoga. “The research mainly comes out of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and researchers there have focused on a chemical called kynurenine which has been associated with psychological stress. Stress causes it to build up in the brain where it has a negative…

Be thankful

You can't win a race if you keep looking back at the starting line, you have to look at the finish line. Don't worry about the failures & what you did in the past. Look to the future with great hope. 

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All Praise is due to Alláh, We praise Him and we seek help from Him. We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our own evils and our own bad deeds. Anyone who is guided by Alláh, he is indeed guided; and anyone who has been left astray, will find no one to guide him. I bear witness that there is no god but Alláh, the Only One without any partner; and I bear witness that Muhammad, sws, is His servant, and His messenger.
What is your goal in life ?
My respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Soccer or Football  fever is all around us these days. And those who know the game will tell you that it’s all about scoring goals. Our khutbah today is also about goals, but goals of a different kind. I want us to think about the goals we all strive for, throughout life: our lifetime goals.

we all have short term, medium or long-term goals, which we hope to achieve before our life is over. The difference from soccer is that in real life, no one knows when the final whi…