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Prophet Muhammad , the last and final prophet and messenger for mankind

Prophet Mohammed PBUH 1 from Islam4mankind on Vimeo.

Some saying of prophet Muhammad :
All God's creatures are His family; and he is the most beloved of God who doeth most good to God's creatures.

Whoever is kind to His creatures, God is kind to him; therefore be kind to man on earth, whether good or bad; and being kind to the bad, is to withold him from badness, thus in heaven you will be treated kindly.

He who is not kind to God's creatures, and to his own children, God will not be kind to him.

Kindness is a mark of faith: and whoever hath not kindness hath not faith.

Please note to really love prophet Muhammad is to follow him, remember that he was kind to his worst enemy. To protest in a violent manner is to disobey our beloved Prophet Muhammad who was sent as a mercy to all Mankind and Jinn's.

A Mercy Towards his Enemies:

The prisoners of war taken captive at the battle of Badr were amongst his bitterest enemies. Nevertheless, hemade sure that they were given the be…